Vintage Style Kitchen Gadgets Make Unique Retro Gifts

Vintage Style Kitchen Gadgets – Unique Retro Gifts

Vintage Style Kitchen Gadgets Make Unique Retro GiftsShopping for the retro lovers in your life is like going back in time – another era, another century. Unique retro gifts include lovely retro decor items,  useful vintage inspired personal items such as a retro dress or an old fashioned coffee mug from the 50s or the lovely vintage style kitchen gadgets.

Vintage style kitchen gadgets make lovely useful gifts – decorative and functional with modern features and plenty of nostalgic retro appeal.

Do check out the list below for some unique vintage style kitchen gadgets that are actually going to be used.

There’s always something for everyone whether you’re a coffee lover, you love cooking, you’re crazy about the Beatles etc.

Retro gifts are great for all occasions, be it housewarming, birthdays or holidays.

So, if you have friends or loved ones enamored by the old fashioned stuff, then check out these cool vintage style kitchen gadgets that are not only beautiful but also functional.

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Vintage Style Kitchen Gadgets For The Home Chef

Old Fashioned Kitchen Food Canisters

Keep your dry food ingredients fresh and easily accessible with these charming old school vintage food containers.

An essential in any modern kitchen, the canisters can be used for storing your flour, salt and sugar too.

Besides, retro inspired kitchen canisters look attractive sitting in your pantry or on your kitchen shelves.

Sets of 3 Vintage Metal Canisters

Sets of 3 Vintage Metal Canisters

Available in red, blue or off-white, this set of old style metal canisters are great for storing your tea, coffee or sugar.

The lid comes with a silicone seal making them air tight, keep out the moisture and are great for preserving the freshness of your stored items.

Each canister measures 4″ in diameter and 6″ in height.

These steel canisters can hold up to 28 oz each.

These storage tins with the vintage feel would look cool on your kitchen shelves.

More Vintage Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen Canister Red Large with Labels
Sweet Treats Vintage Style Tin Storage Canister
White & Grey Enamel Kitchen Canisters (Set of 4)
Food Canister Set, Garden Rooster

Cream Antique Set of 3 Canisters

Retro Style Bread Box

In the olden days when people baked their own bread at home, they stored their bread in the breadbox, usually made of wood. Olden days bakeries even transport their loaves of bread in large wooden breadboxes to outlying counties.

Nowadays, these modern vintage inspired breadboxes or bread bins are usually made of metal. You can normally fit in 1 or 2 loaves of normal size bread.

If you bake your own bread at home, you’ll love it. Even if you just buy the commercially prepared bread, you’ll also love it.

The bread bin box normally do not come with an air tight lid. This is to let the moisture in the bread escape. The less moisture inside the bin, the crispier the crust.

The classic old fashioned bread boxes make great nostalgic gifts for those who love to bake.

Bake Shop Turquoise Blue Metal Bread Box

Bake Shop Turquoise Blue Metal Bread Box

This beautifully lacquered turquoise color metal bread box comes with a matching metal lid.

Measuring 16W x 6.5H x 9D Inches, this bread box helps to keep your bread fresh longer.

It looks stylish too, a nice piece of useful decor item on your kitchen counter top.

What a lovely old school way to store your bread, snacks, biscuits and baked foodstuff.

If your retro loving friends bake their own bread regularly, then this bread box would be the perfect retro gift.

More Retro Inspired Bread Box

Honey Can Do Retro Kitchen Bread Box and Canister Set Bundle


Bread Box Storage Canister Red Interior

Stainless Steel Bread Box

Bamboo Bread Box

Old School Salt And Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers become popular during the 1920s. This was around the time when anti-caking agents were introduced by the Morton Salt Company.

In the United States, the shaker with the lesser holes is used as the salt container as excessive salt intake is considered unhealthy.

Nowadays, you can buy these shakers in various sizes, creative shapes and themes. Collectors will be thrilled to receive your unique retro salt and shaker gift set.

Road Trip Luggage Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Road Trip Luggage Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Measuring 2.5W x 1.5H Inches, these are made of ceramic.

Crafted with the finest details, these green and brown suitcase salt and pepper shakers would make wonderful retro gifts to travelers.

These luggage salt and pepper shakers are fun and decorative as well as functional.

Unique, whimsical and colorful – a great addition to your kitchen decor and a great gift to someone with a collection of salt and pepper shakers.

More vintage inspired salt and pepper shakers

Coca-Cola Bottle Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

John Deere Barn and Silo Salt & Pepper Set

Betty Boop And Pudgy Salt And Pepper Shakers

Snowman Salt and Pepper Shaker with Holder For Napkins

Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers like these make wonderful gifts!

Vintage Inspired Toothpick Dispenser

Toothpicks in the 17th century were considered luxury items. They were made of precious metals and set with expensive stones.

The retro toothpick dispenser adds to the old school charm and feel of your retro kitchen besides being a piece of useful kitchen tool.

The toothpick dispenser is indeed indispensable when serving canapes at your holiday party. You get to pick up a toothpick without touching or dirtying the other toothpicks as it dispenses toothpick one at a time.

It’s indeed a lovely and fun way to have your toothpicks handy whenever needed.

Themed Toothpick Dispensers – John Wayne

John Wayne themed toothpick dispenser

Another fun retro addition to your kitchen, this John Wayne themed toothpick dispenser features the look of a classic brand, including its logo.

It comes filled with 200 toothpicks.

The knob at the top is for easy lifting of the lid when you need to refill the toothpicks.

Made of plastic with polished chrome accents, it measures 3-3/8″W x 2-1/4″D x 4″H.

The toothpick dispenser comes in handy especially during parties.

Your John Wayne fan friend would be thrilled to bits.

More Themed Toothpick Dispensers

John Deere Toothpick Dispenser

Coca-Cola Soda Cooler Toothpick Dispenser 2

Rustic Old School Kitchen Signs

These fun and rustic farmhouse kitchen wall signs bring in the sunshine and countryside atmosphere.

Made of wood or metal with a distressed finish, it adds the perfect rustic vintage touch to your kitchen wall.

Vintage-Style Country Kitchen Sign Fresh Eggs

Vintage-Style Country Kitchen Sign Fresh Eggs

The vintage inspired country kitchen sign makes a lovely wall decor.

This fresh eggs vintage sign is made of heavy 24 gauge steel and comes with a distressed finish.

The pre-drilled holes makes it easy to hang.

Measuring 16″ W x 12″ H, it is made in USA.

The old fashioned farm fresh eggs sign sure does add a fun countryside look to your kitchen decor.

This would make a lovely retro gift to farmers, those who love the countryside and those with a rustic themed kitchen decor.

More Vintage Farm Stand Metal Signs

Fresh Eggs Chicken Farm Metal Sign

Farmers Market White Rooster Metal Kitchen Sign

Sonoma Farm Metal Sign

Fresh Eggs in Bowl Wood Look Metal Sign

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Old Fashioned Hand Crank Mills

The antique hand crank spice mills were originally used to grind coffee beans.

Nowadays, you can use it to grind dry spices, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmegs etc.

You can adjust the fineness of the grind by turning a screw or nut located either at the top or the bottom of the mill.

You turn the handle which in turn moves the wheels to grind your spices.

Olive Wood Old Fashioned Pepper Mill

Olive Wood Old Fashioned Pepper Mill

This old fashioned pepper mill is crafted from olive wood imported from Bethlehem.

With its unique light and dark brown olive wood grain pattern, this vintage style pepper mill makes for a nostalgic elegant kitchen gadget.

You turn the hand crank to grind your whole peppercorns. The finial nut at the top can be adjusted to get coarse or fine grains.

Its precision cast metal burr grinding mechanism ensures perfect grains depending on how coarse or fine you want them.

This unique old school pepper mill measures 3″ in diameter and 8″ in height.

More Hand Crank Old Fashioned Spice Mills

Victorio Hand Crank Grain Mill

Speyer Vintage-Inspired Pepper Mill

Natural Beechwood Coffee Grinder

Peugeot Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill

24k Gold Nutmeg Mill

Vintage Inspired Old Style Tea Kettles

A typical tea kettle of the 19th century would include a gooseneck spout, a brass lid and a hinged handle. It is typically made of copper or cast iron.

Electric teakettles made their appearance around the 1920s and 1930s.

You stand a great chance of finding a tea kettle in every home that you stepped into.

Somehow, the sight and sounds of the bubbling tea kettle on the stove always fills my heart with love and cozy comfort..

Add a touch of chic vintage touch to your kitchen with the old fashioned tea kettle.

2-Quart Porcelain Teakettle, Red

2-Quart Porcelain Teakettle, Red

The old style tea kettle is made of durable porcelain enamel with a steel exterior.

It comes with a drip-free gooseneck spout for easy pouring.

Its workshop style handle adds to its old fashioned charm.

Winning features include a tight fitting lid that seals in the heat, heat resistant knob for easy handling as well as its rubberized stainless steel handle for a comfortable grip.

It can be used on induction, gas, solid plate, radiant ring, glass/ceramic, halogen hobs.

This vintage-inspired BonJour Tea Porcelain Enameled Teakettle would make a lovely housewarming retro gift for tea or coffee lovers.

More Vintage Inspired Tea Kettles

Vintage Copper Large Round English Tea Kettle, Mid 19th Century

Chantal Vintage Teakettle 1.7-Quart Aqua

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