Vintage Style Coffee Mugs Gifts

10 Cute Nostalgic Vintage Style Coffee Mugs Gift Ideas

Vintage Style Coffee Mugs GiftsCute nostalgic vintage style coffee mugs make cool and fun gifts. These retro coffee mugs also make great home decor items too.

A customized coffee mug gift to someone special is meaningful and sentimental. Novelty retro coffee mugs look nostalgic and lovely sitting on the cupboard shelves.

You can even start a collection of collectible coffee mugs that make beautiful decorative items and conversational piece.

Elegant old fashioned coffee mugs from the 1900s bring back yesteryear memories.

Even for someone who doesn’t drink coffee, the funny coffee mug with humorous sayings sure does make your day. Put one on your office desk to cheer you up throughout the day.

I have a row of these cheerful sassy sayings coffee mugs that make my day start bright and happy. Visitors have a good laugh every time they view my coffee mugs collection.

Cute, adorable, funny, elegant, nostalgic, sentimental, meaningful, bright, pretty, fun – that’s what the best coffee mug gifts can offer.

Old fashioned Coffee Mugs For Making Memories

50s Style Retro Circles Ceramic Coffee Mug

50s-style-retro-circles-ceramic-coffee-mugA 10 oz retro ceramic coffee mug that is both fun and colorful.

The wrap around image in soothing colors is printed in the United States.

Measuring 4.75W x 3.75H x 3D inches, it is microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended.

It weighs 1.1 lbs.

Gift it together with your coffee gift basket for a truly pleasant gift for retro coffee lovers.
Buy 50s Style Retro Circles Ceramic Coffee Mug

You can also buy a set of 4 numbers of 1950s Space Age Patterns Coffee Mug Set 10 oz.

All of them come with soothing retro colors and designs.

This set comes with 4 ceramic 10 oz coffee mugs with Atomic Starburst, Atomic Symbol, Boomerang and Retro Circles designs.

This set would make a great retro gift by itself.

Check out this set of 4 Atomic Age 50s Style Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

Books Quote Mug

Books Quote Ceramic Coffee Tea MugThis 12 oz ceramic coffee mug has the now famous quote by Thomas Jefferson, America’s 3rd President.

“I cannot live without books” coffee mug would be great for book lovers.

With a background of his leather bound collection, the books quote coffee mug would make a lovely patriotic gift too. After all, Thomas Jefferson was the 3red President of the United States.

Click here for more info on the books quote mug

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Herend Rothschild Bird Coffee Mug

Herend Rothschild Bird Porcelain Coffee MugThe Herend Rothschild coffee mug has a lovely story behind every design.

This 4″ high 16 oz coffee mug is hand painted in Hungary.

It comes with 24 carat gold trimmings.

Baroness Rothschild who lived during the 19th century, was believed to have lost her pearl necklace in the garden.

It was found by her gardener a few days later. Birds were seen playing with it on the tree.

Made of high quality white porcelain, this bird image coffee mug with such a beautiful 1860s story behind the design certainly has a nostalgic feel about it.

Herend Queen Victoria Coffee Mug

Herend Queen Victoria Coffee MugHaving a coffee mug with the same exact design once used by Queen Victoria, now that will make a nice elegant gift.

Made of fine porcelain, the design is hand painted by skilled Herend painters in Hungary.

The original first set was purchased by Queen Victoria when first released in 1851.

This is a 16 oz high quality porcelain coffee mug.

Click here to check price

Moms! Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Retro Coffee Mug

Moms Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Retro Coffee MugA humorous ceramic coffee mug for mom that will bring a smile to her lips.

This moms coffee mug is lead free.

This oz mug measures 4.75W x 3.75H x 3.25D inches.

It weighs 0.92 lbs.

It can only be washed by hand.

What a lovely way to tell mom you think she’s a super heroine.

Check price for Moms Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Retro Coffee Mug

Breakfast in Bed Sleep in the Kitchen Funny Coffee Mug

Breakfast in Bed Sleep in the Kitchen Funny Coffee MugThis funny coffee mug for mom would surely make her day.

If you want breakfast in bed, you’ll have to sleep in the kitchen.

Mom would be smiling happily whenever she drinks from the mug.

What a great way to start her day.

This unique fun retro coffee mug holds 15 oz of the coffee.

This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Check out Breakfast in Bed Funny Coffee Mug

High Quality 350ML Retro Style Office Drinking Cup Dragon Embellished Stainless Steel Mug

High Quality 350ML Retro Style Office Drinking Cup Dragon Embellished Stainless Steel MugA fierce dragon in the house, how cool indeed!

This dragon coffee mug is made of polyresin and metal.

It measures about 4.25″ high and has a dragon handle that is 5.5″ wide.

It has a 12 oz (350ml) capacity.

This would make an excellent gift for a dragon collector.

Check out this fierce dragon coffee mug

Coca-Cola Vintage Ice Skater Girl Porcelain Mug

Coca-Cola Vintage Ice Skater Girl Porcelain MugThe Coca Cola Girl pin up coffee mug is made from 100% porcelain.

A smiling pretty girl with old world hair style and wearing a vintage blouse plus skirt, this 14 oz capacity retro coffee mug would make a lovely gift for mom.

It measures 4.5″ in height and has a 3″ diameter.

It weighs about 1.10 pounds.

The design covers the whole mug and not just on one side.

The elegant tall coffee mug with the old time pretty vintage girl skater would certainly make a lovely gift for retro lovers, especially Coca Cola fans.

Check Price Coca-Cola Coffee Mug

Cupcakes Ceramic Coffee Mug

Cupcakes Ceramic Coffee MugAn assortment of frosted cupcakes images printed on this retro coffee mug makes this a perfect gift for bakers.

The 10 oz ceramic mug measures 4.75W x 3.75H x 3D Inches and has a weight of 1.01 lbs.

It is microwave safe.

You’ll have to hand wash it.

This cute retro style coffee mug would be great as a gift for all the women in your life.

Check out the Cupcakes Ceramic Coffee Mug


4 Piece Mug Set With Mini Cakes Pattern

4-Piece Mug Set, Mini Cakes PatternThen, there is the 4 piece mug set with mini cakes images that would make lovely gifts for coffee lovers who love to bake.

4 different cake patterns with 4 different colors add a splash of retro colors to your dining table.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, these vibrant nostalgic porcelain mugs would make lovely gifts too.

Check out 4-Piece Mug Set, “Mini Cakes” Pattern

Paula Deen 2 Piece 20 Oz. Jumbo Mugs, Garden Rooster

Jumbo Mugs Garden RoosterA jumbo coffee mug that can hold 20 oz of your favorite beverage is indeed awesome. No need for frequent refilling.

The rooster sure does remind me of the countryside, the fields, farm animals, flowers and fresh air.

A rooster roaming around in the backyard has such a homely feel about it.

This rooster coffee jumbo cup would make a lovely gift for those living in the countryside, rooster lovers or anyone with a rustic kitchen decor.

Check price for 2 Pc 20 Oz. Jumbo Mugs, Garden Rooster


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